Makeup Filtering

4:41 PM

You have seen the many pictures where a makeup artist or person changes a photo to wear they almost look like a cartoon character right? It's a growing epidemic I tell ya.
I was known at the beginning to alter my photos as well. I was not exempt from this. However as it grew it became so terrible looking that I said you know what, I can't do this. It is borderline deception. I ran a few test on some of the apps. I wanted to take the time and see what certain levels of filtering looked like. The picture above was used with an app called CYMERA (Android Users) There is a beauty tab and under the option softening.

****Picture Breakdown****

Left - Is my photo in it's natural state. From the snap of the photo straight to the web
Middle - Cymera App, Softening option, Level 50%
Right - Cymera App, softening option, Level 100%

Look closely as my features nose is almost non existent in the last photo. Don't get me wrong, some folks just want a nice clean image and so do I.
I've learned that not only perfecting your craft is step one but if you choose to use a filter of any means keep the filter level under 20 if possible. You can still
see a persons true work under that number (To Me) Just be mindful that people are watching and if you want those big gigs, filtering to the gawds wont cut it. Stay Beautiful :-)

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