8:45 PM

Oh Goshhhh. Where do I even begin.....well to be honest... I got extremely bored with my blog. It had no life and was just too generic for me. So for sometime I wanted to jazz up the blog a bit but just didn't want to take the time to do so. I was chatting with my Beat Face Dolls (FB GROUP) and we got on the subject of youtube and blogging and the convo took such a great turn. I literally stayed up til 3 for 2 nights in a row working hard on fixing my blog a bit. It paid off. SO what's been happening. Well my artistry has improved, and I have been blessed to have been apart of more shoots and etc. Instagram exposure has landed me quite a few items to test and fall in love with. I have been in makeup groups almost daily posting and sharing ideas and techniques as well as personal one on ones with clients from my home. I have started a new business venture that I am extremely proud of, But will get into that in a later post. Just know that I am here now and things will be different. I know millions of folks own and create blogs on a daily but I hope to catch a few eyes and hopefully gain some true supporters along the way. My blog from this point on will include true detailed makeup product reviews and verbal tutorials, Behind the scenes pictures of shoots, affordable products and more. In the meantime please view my page and follow me on any social network that you like. Thanks for reading. Tammy :-)

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  1. Of course you've gained a true follower and supporter boo!!! Love ya and I cant wait to read more!