All About Tammy

11:29 AM

Where do I really Begin..... Since my senior year in high school (99) I became more obsessed with makeup. I took a trip with my choir girls to Pentagon City Mall in VA.
We stopped at a Nordstrom's where MAC was being sold. Looking at that makeup counter and seeing all the beautiful products is where i went full force. I began collecting and
wearing all MAC Everything LOL. I loved it. I made monthly trips to collect new products and stay up on trend. In 2006/2007 I said let me try to apply at MAC since i loved it
so much. I tried and didn't get the job. I didn't let that stop me. I took that as a sign that i needed to perfect my craft. I tried again in 09 and started working in the PG plaza
location in MD. Stayed there for 2 years and had to resign due to motherhood. My youngest is now 3 and I work from home consulting and doing makeup. I spend a lot of time engaging with others with the same passion and even assisting where i can. I love to share knowledge and help others follow in their purpose. I am a very social person and I feel that is
essential. I hope that I am able to provide a platform for those with questions and for me or others to provide others with answers. In the meantime please browse my site or social platforms for beauty looks, reviews and etc. Thanks so much for the continued support and hope to chat with you all in the near future :-)

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