Plans for 2015 (Motives/Youtube/BeautyBlogging)

4:53 PM

WELLLLLLLLLL 2014 is on it's way out the door and 2015 is about to arrive. I will break down really quick what my plans will be for the new year :-)

YOUTUBE - In 2015 I have decided to officially start doing makeup looks on camera. I don't have the best set up but I will wing it until better equipment comes along. I hope that once I start that it will helps those that are still fairly new and seasoned with inspiration

Motives Cosmetics - Alot of people are unaware that I am an unfranchise business owner with Motives Cosmetics. If you wish to know more please leave a comment below :-) Being in business with motives has been the best decision I have made in 2014. I plan to take things to the next level.

Beauty Blogging - Weekly blog post will be the goal next year. It won't just be about looks or what you may see from other's. I want to be able to be a consultant for those that really need to know the ropes and not break the bank. If someone needs help with brush recommendations, I want to be that person. If you need a dupe list, I want to be able to direct you or tell you the best option.

I want folks to be able to come to me with any makeup related questions. If you have a Facebook please feel free to like my Artistry page
My Artistry Page

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  1. You already know I'll be hitting you up in 2015 for some Motives stuff, I've been wanting to try them out for some time now. I know you won't steer me wrong. Well wishes for the New Year Tamz